Connie Jan, LAc


I was brought up with Chinese medicine around me so I've been interested in it since I was a little girl. I would spend summers in Taiwan where I have family. My grandfather and one of my uncles practice Chinese medicine and Western medicine, so I experienced Chinese medicine first hand and since I have always been active – involved in a lot of sports and so, I benefited from the medicine early on.

 I have volunteered for various programs throughout my whole life, but after volunteering for and with the homeless and those in need I realized I wanted to do more. Acupuncture and herbs have rid me of consistent migraines/headaches as well body pain from sports injuries. Practicing Chinese medicine was an obvious career choice for me.

Prior to attending OCOM (the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine), I studied and worked as an artist – a metalsmith, to be exact. I think it is this background in craftsmanship that informs the delicate touch I bring to my practice. In the simplest form, I enjoy helping people and making people feel more comfortable in life. I enjoy puzzles, problem-solving and learning new things so I enjoy looking at every patient like a puzzle. I am a technique and goal driven person and always try to make everything count in a treatment. I like my patients to be comfortable but will gently push them if necessary.

After completing my Master’s in Oriental Medicine, I did post-grad studies in China at the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a focus on Pediatric Tuina (Chinese therapeutic body work), Dermatology, Weight-loss, and Oncology. Being able to speak Chinese enriched the overall experience.

I currently live in SE Portland, work part-time as a TA at OCOM and volunteer with many local non-profits.